SEO For a Leading Geosynthetics Manufacturer

Pawan Khatri • July 2, 2023

Richago, a renowned digital marketing and web development company, specializes in providing comprehensive solutions in web development, SEO, and Google AdWords. In SEO case study, we delve into the challenges faced by Ocean Non Wovens Pvt Ltd, a leading geosynthetics manufacturing company, and how Richago’s expertise and strategies propelled them to unparalleled success. 

Unraveling the SEO Challenge: 

Ocean Non Wovens faced a myriad of technical issues with their website, impeding their online visibility and lead generation. The core web vitals were in disarray, resulting in abysmally slow page loading speeds. The content lacked proper formatting, headings, and keyword distribution, rendering it ineffective. Duplicate blogs, missing titles and descriptions, and overlooked image optimization further compounded the problem. Their website struggled to attract traffic and generate leads, despite a wealth of content available. 

Richago’s Intervention and Transformation: 

Upon acquiring the project, Richago embarked on a thorough analysis of the situation and devised a comprehensive strategy to overcome the challenges. The first crucial step was redeveloping the website using cutting-edge tools like Oxygen and Bricks Builder, significantly improving core web vitals. The website’s pages now loaded swiftly, enhancing the overall user experience. To track and monitor performance, Richago integrated essential tools such as Google Analytics, Search Console, AHRefs, and UberSuggest. 

The second step revolved around content optimization. Richago conducted meticulous keyword research, identifying over 100 relevant keywords to be integrated into the existing blog posts. Ensuring proper keyword distribution and employing captivating formatting techniques, they revitalized the blogs, enriching them with updated titles, descriptions, and striking banner images created by their graphic design team. Additionally, frequently asked questions (FAQs) were seamlessly integrated to enhance user engagement. 

The final step focused on identifying and rectifying duplicate content issues. Richago meticulously eliminated duplicate blogs, replacing them with fresh content tailored to target audience preferences and search intent. These optimized blogs were designed to drive lead generation and serve as the backbone for email marketing campaigns. 

Astounding Results: 

Within a month of implementing Richago’s SEO strategies, Ocean Non Wovens witnessed remarkable results. Their daily impressions skyrocketed to 1000-2000, accompanied by an average of 100-200 daily clicks. By the second month, their website’s pages and blogs began to rank prominently in search engine results, while their domain authority soared. After three months, the website achieved a staggering daily impression count of 5000-6000, generating a consistent stream of 400-500 organic clicks. Consequently, the company experienced a significant surge in organic leads. 

Expanding Market Presence: 

Buoyed by the exceptional organic response, Ocean Non Wovens diversified their marketing efforts. Leveraging Richago’s expertise, they ventured into email marketing campaigns and Google AdWords, solidifying their position as a leading player in the geosynthetics manufacturing industry. The combined impact of Richago’s SEO strategies and strategic marketing campaigns catapulted Ocean Non Wovens to unprecedented online prominence. 



Through the strategic partnership with Richago, Ocean Non Wovens witnessed an extraordinary transformation in their online presence. From overcoming technical challenges to revitalising content and leveraging the power of SEO, the collaboration propelled Ocean Non Wovens to the forefront of the geosynthetics manufacturing industry. With a constant influx of organic leads and an expanded market presence, their success story serves as a testament to Richago’s unparalleled expertise and commitment to driving digital excellence. 

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Pawan Khatri
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