A Case Study in Website Revamp: THC India

Pawan Khatri • July 8, 2023

THC India – Traditional Handicrafts Centre is a government-recognized export house. In this case study, we will explore our collaboration with them to revamp their underperforming website and optimize it for exceptional Core Web Vitals.


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Revamping THC’s Website for Enhanced Performance 

When THC approached us, they presented a bloated, unoptimized, and damaged website. It was clear that their digital presence needed a complete overhaul to meet stringent Core Web Vitals standards. Recognizing the significance of a high-performing website, we proposed a website revamp solution according to latest SEO trends, leveraging our team of expert developers with extensive experience in optimizing Core Web Vitals. THC enthusiastically embraced our solution, and we embarked on a step-by-step revamp journey, ensuring the preservation of their existing online presence throughout the process.


Step-by-Step Revamp with Impressive Results 

Adhering to a meticulous approach, we successfully revamped THC’s website, achieving an outstanding speed score of 90+ on both mobile and desktop platforms. The pages loaded seamlessly, thanks to optimized webp images, and we also transformed the look and feel of the website, giving it a premium aesthetic with the assistance of our expert UI/UX designers. The client expressed great satisfaction with the enhanced user experience and the captivating new appearance of their website.


Unlocking Organic Growth Potential 

Following the website revamp, we took the initiative to implement basic SEO measures, even though the client’s primary requirement was a website revamp without diving into comprehensive SEO strategies. Despite this limited SEO effort, the results were remarkable. In just 2-3 weeks, the revamped website started generating significant organic leads. Months later, the website’s performance remains exceptional, attracting organic traffic effortlessly. This success story is a testament to the power of aligning website revamps with SEO practices.

THC India

Enhancing Content Production Velocity 

Inspired by the importance of content production velocity, we emphasize the significance of maintaining high-quality standards. At Richago, we understand the balance between quantity and quality. By establishing high editorial standards, we enable increased content production without compromising quality.

Refreshing Existing Content for Optimal Performance 

In addition to revamping the website, we strategically refreshed and updated THC India’s existing articles and landing pages. Our team analyzed the client’s priorities and allocated resources accordingly, utilizing a credit system. Some content required complete rewrites, while others needed minor editorial adjustments. This approach expedited content optimization and ensured that THC India’s investment in content yielded optimal results.

Capturing High-Intent Traffic with SEO-Driven Landing Pages 

We understand the importance of targeting high-intent traffic. To achieve this, we crafted SEO-driven landing pages that aligned with THC’s goals. Our in-depth understanding of their product, audience, and industry verticals enabled us to create landing pages that ranked prominently and effectively converted leads. This collaborative effort resulted in a notable increase in tracked keywords ranked 1-3, demonstrating the effectiveness of our approach.


The success story of Traditional Handicrafts Centre (THC India) exemplifies the transformative power of a website revamp aligned with SEO best practices. Richago’s expertise in web development, SEO, and Google AdWords empowered THC India’s journey towards a high-performing website, achieving exceptional Core Web Vitals and strengthening their online presence. We remain committed to delivering impressive results and enabling businesses to unlock their full digital potential. Partner with Richago for comprehensive digital solutions tailored to your success.

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