LinkedIn for Law Firms

LinkedIn For Law Firms and Solo Practitioners

A thumb rule on LinkedIn for law firms is that spend twice of your time and efforts on LinkedIn than on any other social media network. As per a leading survey for service oriented businesses, the probability of generating leads on LinkedIn is 60% percent higher than any other social network.

A simple strategy to dominate your law firm Linkedin strategy for growth is to understand your market, create content that gives valuable insight or information to your audience. If you do so, in all probability you will witness a spike in engagement.

LinkedIn For Law Firms and Linkedin for Lawyers –

  1. Company Page – Law Firms

It is crucial to optimise your company page on LinkedIn for accurate information. Few important things that you can take care of while optimising linkedIn for law firms –

  • Choose a clear high definition logo for profile picture and a carefully crafted creative for background cover.
  • Write a crisp and brief overview about your firm in the about section.
  • Update details of all your office locations in the location section.
  • Customise the call to action button to Visit Website.
  • Add information regarding your expertise and practice areas.
  • Optimise the headline to be fully descriptive of your firm in just one sentence.

Content Suggestion Tool

The next step is to use the content suggestion tool on your LinkedIn page which helps you identify trending topics related to your industry. On selection, quickly create content on the topic in various formats as short opinions, full analysis in a linkedIn article, or link to your website’s blog post on the said topic.

Notify Employees Feature

This feature comes in very handy to instantly boost engagement on your LinkedIn posts by notifying your employees about the post. On engagement, it boosts the viewership of the post as per the algorithm.

Sharing Rankings, Awards, & Firm Updates

Keep posting updates as a measure to keep your audience updated about your firm’s achievements, transactions, awards, new partners, new offices and other notable events.

Linkedin for Lawyers/Partners working at the Firm & Solo Practitioners

A good LinkedIn for lawyers strategy is to convey themselves as a leading practitioner of a particular practice area to their target audience. And the most important step in this direction is to optimise your profile and make it complete with sufficient information about your practice.

The key elements, section and step that you need to take care of are –

  • Professional Head Shot – The chances of profile being found on LinkedIn are 14 times higher for profiles with high quality profile pictures and you surely want to be a part of this segment of profiles.

  • Background Banner – To most users background banner seems like an overkill but you can stand out with a carefully crafter banner which has just the right combination of text and visuals. It can leave a good impression on your clients and prospects.

  • Headline – When using the LinkedIn search tool, your job is shown along with your headline in the results. It will look redundant if both of them are identical. The purpose of headline is more than describing your job, it is to give people an idea of who you are and what you do in a catchy yet not so gimmicky manner.

  • Contact Information – It is perfectly fine to be cautious about your contact information and protecting it from full blown public access. But you can surely adjust the settings to ensure that complete contact information is visible to your connections and it is easy for them to reach you via multiple channels. They are more likely to reach out to you if you make it easier for them to do so.

  • Summary – Think of the summary section of your profile as an elevator pitch. It should summarise who you are, what you do and what is your specialisation in a concise and robust manner. It is suggested to not overdo it with a lot of information but keep a room for invoking curiosity in the reader to know more about your skills and offerings.

  • Featured Posts – It is important to consistently keep on posting updates regarding your work life, achievements and progress in order to keep a recall alive about you to your connections. But, it is also important to the choose the most important ones of those updates and add them to the feature post section of your profile. This can make it easier for your clients and prospects to instantly be aware of major highlights in just a glance of your profile.

  • Testimonials – If your client is happy with your services then why not let him speak for you via endorsements and recommendations feature of LinkedIn. It is fairly easy and straight forwards to request a recommendation on LinkedIn and if you’re sure about client not minding to leave one for you then do not hesitate to send a request for the same.

  • Engagement – A highly optimised profile is of no use unless people notice it. And to ensure the same you need to interact and engage with posts and updates by your connections. Make sure you do not do it out of compulsion and in a generic same way every time but only when you genuinely find it worthy of engaging. On top of that you need to post updates and maybe articles too on your profile as well for your connections to notice you and eventually go through your profile.

  • Stand Out – Do not forget that everyone is on LinkedIn for the same purpose, to grow their professional network and locate new opportunities. It is important for you to stand out with a professional and marketable overall presence.

Conclusion – LinkedIn For Law Firms & Linkedin for Lawyers

LinkedIn for law firms is mostly similar to LinkedIn for anyone. At the end of the day, it is all about making sure that your profile and your interaction on the platform conveys well about your skills, capabilities, practice and services. It should reflect what your client already think and feel about you in order for it to act as a measure that builds confidence in prospects.

In case you are looking for an agency that can develop and execute digital marketing strategy or LinkedIn for Law Firms optimisation. Feel free to reach out to us.

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