10 reasons why elementor is the best page builder ever | Elementor Review

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Many page builders have been around for a very long time now. One of them has taken a giant leap in comparison to other page builder. Yes, you might’ve guessed it by now, I’m talking about Elementor. There are not one but many reasons of what makes elementor, the “best page builder ever”. Responsive page building, user friendliness, ease of use, huge community being few important reasons of Elementor’s popularity.

1) User Friendly –

Elementor is extremely user friendly. Web Designing is a time taking process and as a designer you constantly look for ways to improve efficiency, elementor helps you achieve just that. The interface of page builder is smooth and very easy to use.  They also keep on introducing new features. Such features help in increasing the user friendliness. Features like navigator and finder can help you save a lot of time during designing process.

2) Easy to Use –

Elementor is fairly straight forward and easy to use. The modules and features are well defined. They also have good documentations, blogs and video tutorials which can help you learn advanced web design in a very short span of time.  It has the potential of creating very advanced websites without requiring any extreme skills. It just takes a while to get used to it, after that it’s a cake walk.

3) Updates and Support –

Elementor has a very hardworking and dedicated team which helps their audience and users with any issues they’re facing. The response is fast and they also make sure that you’re provided with adequate guidance to help you solve the issue. The updates on the plugin are also very consistent. It not only improves stability and resolve bugs but also bring new features and modules which help you achieve even better results than before.

4) Community –

You can easily find not hundred but thousands of elementor tutorials across the internet that too in many different languages for free. The number of users of elementor are far more than any page builder making it also page builder with largest community which can help each other to resolve issues and problems. Teach new ways and approach of using the elementor modules and features.

5) Free Add ons –

The extreme popularity has tempted other developers to create free addons for elementor which can improve or add to the functionality of elementor. Many features which are usually offered in the pro version of elementor are released as separate free addons by various wordpress developers on the wordpress repository.

6) Responsive Page Building –

The way elementor lets you optimise your content to be responsive and mobile ready is simply stunning. It has three editing modes which change the view between desktop, tablet and mobile with a simple toggle. The same allows you to make same content behave differently for different screen sizes, saving you hours of hard work which goes into creating separate versions for mobile and desktop. Also, elementor allows you to hide or show content on the basis of screen size.

7) Templates –

Templates are love, the basic version of elementor offers many templates already for different types of pages which are generally part of almost every website such as about, contact etc and also homepage for different types of websites. If you choose to upgrade to elementor pro, it will allow access to an even bigger template library and block library. There are also many free templates offered across the internet by many designers. Templates also have a simple interface for export and import. You can also save your own created sections and pages as templates and use it different places such as the same website or different websites.

8) Reliability –

Elementor is very reliable in terms of stability, low chance of break downs and plugin conflicts. It is built in such a way that it works well with most of the plugins and is rarely causing any conflict. In fact, it offers compatibility in partnership with many leading plugins of wordpress. Combination of which can make your web designing and development experience even richer.

9) Custom Websites –

Elementor limits the custom functionality in the free version to a great extent. However, when you upgrade to the full or pro version, the capabilities are limitless. You can create almost every thing on the website in your own custom manner. From header, footers, single post templates, templates for custom post types, product templates, archive templates and what not. You can edit almost everything and make it with elementor.

10) Dynamic Websites –

Elementor recently announced integration with custom post type development plugins such as Advanced Custom Fields and Toolset. This lets users create dynamic websites using custom post types, custom templates and custom fields. Also, elementor pro has feature to incorporate display conditions where design and content could be triggered as different on meeting different criteria as set by the user.

Final Words –

As a conclusion, we can say that elementor has become a market leader. Even though other page builders have decent features they fail to attract the majority. Elementor on the other hand has achieved that, reasons being listed above is what has made Elementor, the best page builder ever.