Law Firm Blog Strategy

Law Firm Blog Strategy For Higher Traffic

The intent of the blog section is pretty straight forward, it helps you build credibility and assert your knowledge and skills about a particular subject or in case of law firms about a particular law.

How to create an efficient Law Firm Blog Strategy?

Now, the way you can use a legal blog to your advantage is by finding new clients through well written, concise and insightful articles on trending topics. Or, you can write on topics which consistently have high search volume but less or poor quality information about it on the internet.

You might ask, what qualifies as a trending topic?

Any legislative update or happening which is related to your field of practice and it can have an impact on industry or industries that your clients or prospects operate in.

For example, let’s say your practice relates to capital markets and you find out that SEBI has amended the Listing Obligations and Disclosure Requirements Regulations. Now, if you’re the first one to write and index on google search engine, a very short, concise and to the point article which analyses the key changes, the impact it will have on companies and your opinion on it. There’s a high probability you might even rank in the first 5 results when someone looks up information about it on a google search. And what if few of your readers are corporates which might be willing to get a detailed legal opinion from you or your firm about its impact on them.

Now, above stated is one use case of the article you have written, you can also post the same article via other channels such as social media, email marketing or even personally send email to clients you believe might be impacted by the same.

Different type of articles that you can include as part of Law Firm Blog Strategy –

a. Case Analysis

b. Trending Topics (as explained above)

c. Guides for Registrations, Permits & Approvals under different laws.

d. Compliances and Obligations under different laws.

e. Solutions to specific legal problems.

There are many ways you can build a legal blog and the most common one is to include it in your wordpress based law firm website. Of course, you can also write articles on LinkedIn but the drawback is that it does not offer a lot of customisation or control in terms of building call to actions or optimising it for search engines. You can just hope and pray that LinkedIn does the best it can for your article.

A key way to build and foster business relationships in today’s day and age is by providing valuable information to your target audience consistently. You need to make sure that creating valuable content is not a one time effort but a consistent practice as it has the potential to fetch strong benefits in the long run.

Important Things For Your Legal Blog Strategy

Catchy Titles
  1. Attention Grabbing Titles – Think of your articles like a book cover, a curiosity invoking title can work wonders to gain viewership.
  2. Structured Content – Another key to good article is structure, divide your article into sections. Primarily, Introduction – Analysis & Opinion – Conclusion. You should further divide the middle portion with topic relevant headings and sub headings to make it easy for the reader to skip to sections that interest them.
  3. CTA – Call to Action – Most of your organic blog visitors have a rare chance of coming back ever again. Proven way to retain them or create a business opportunity is by strategically placing multiple connection channels prominently, also known as “Call To Action”.

Some good examples of efficient call to actions are –

a. Subscribe to Newsletter


b. Contact Form – Get In Touch Links


c. Follow on LinkedIn
d. Schedule a Meeting

  1. Silos – SEO silos are similar themes pieces of inter related content. So, when you’re choosing a topic to write an article on, think of such topics which have a base theme that can be extended for related topics on which future articles can be written and ultimately linked to the original article, creating a web like structure.

Take Away – Do you need a Law Firm Blog Strategy?

A good legal blog can be an efficient lead generation mechanism for your firm. If strategised well, it can build a loyal viewership. You can call your blog with fancy words like thought leadership but at the end of the day it is a collection of articles related to your organisation’s service areas. Essentially, blogs are a mean of meaningful interaction with your target audience and it creates value for both your firm and your audience.

Do you need help to setup one such blog for your law firm – Reach out to us.

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