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King Stubb & Kasiva is a national law firm which represents a large number of Indian business houses, multinational corporations, banking & financial institutions, small, medium & large Indian and International companies and start-ups across the country.


30 Days


Solo - Client Project

My Role

UI, UX & Development


Figma, Wordpress & Oxygen





Problems In Previous Website

Storage Overload

Bloated Page Builder

Absence of Templates

The previous website had become extremely bloated, due to which the loading time was unbeareably slow. The media library of the site was filled with numerous PDFs of newsletters, articles, press releases and profiles. The SQL database had also been creating problem as the page builder which was used to build the previous site was not able to update the database tables. Overall the website was delivering a poor user experience to visitors.

The page builder which was used i.e. elementor itself is infamous for heavy bloating and resulting in increased page size and loading times. Another issue was that, few pages of similar nature could have been templated with custom post types and dynamic fields but rather individual pages of similar type were designed, which made updating design a lot more tedious.

Intended Solutions

S3 Offloading

Lightweight Page Builder

Custom Post Types

The solution to tackle a heavy media library was simple and efficient, an s3 bucket offloading configuration that automatically offloads all files in the wordpress media library. The website while being loaded pull all the image files from s3 bucket URLs. The choice of page builder for the new website was an obvious one, oxygen builder which is famous for it's barebones building mechanism, minimal bloat and fast loading pages adherent to Google's latest major algorithm update i.e. core web vitals. 

Last but not the least, custom post types can be created using metabox plugin which also enables setting up of custom fields. Oxygen based design templates can then be setup for each post type archive and single page making the process of updating design at once a lot easier.




Contact Page


Practice Area Single

Person - Single

Single Article



1. AWS SES Based Email Marketing Tool
2. Built In Career Portal
3. Fast Loading Pages
4. S3 Offloading 
5. O365 Auth Login

Fluent CRM

1. AWS SES Based Affordable Solution
2. Great Extent of Automations
3. Can Import HTML Based Designd
4. Manage Contact Lists & Subscriptions

A self hosted email solution within the website makes the integrations faster and easier. An SMTP solution is anyway required for all websites, if the same SMTP can be extended with proper SPF and DKIM records, bounce handler, subscription management. It can serve as robust email marketing tool.

Career Portal

1. Ability To Set Notification Email Per Job
2. Custom Post Type For Jobs
3. Prefilled Data On Clicking The Listing
4. Custom & Conditional Email Notifications

Many organizations subscribe to offsite career portal solutions to advertise jobs and receive applications. I built a custom post type and set it up with fluent forms and conditional email notifications making it easy and convenient for recruiters to post jobs and receive applications.

Fast Loading Pages

1. CSS/JS Minification
2. Gzip Compression
3. Lazy Load
4. Google Core Web Vitals Adherent

The speed of pages and overall page experience is now more important than ever as google has rolled out the core web vitals algorithm update. Hence, it was necessary for me to implement all possible performance enhancements to make the page faster and ultimately deliver a good page experience to visitors.

AWS S3 Offloading

1. Auto Offload New Uploads
2. Sync Existing Uploads
3. One Click Bulk Delete Copies On Server
4. Faster Delivery of Images

The intention was to tackle a heavy media library, an s3 bucket offloading configuration was setup to automatically offload all files. The website while being loaded pull all the image files from s3 bucket URLs.

O365 Auth Login

1. Ease for Client Users To Login
2. Easy to Self Manage & Edit Info
3. Less Risk of Password Compromise
4. Secure & Faster Than Normal Login

The website has a team section with individual profiles of lawyer. Each lawyer profile is one post from the custom post type people. The lawyers can login via their O365 Email IDs and make changes or update their profiles with ease. They can also submit articles for review and edit, post which they can be published by the Editor.

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