Free Social Media Automation For WordPress Website

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Social Media Automation For WordPress

Social Media Automation tools are a great way of saving time and efforts. It can be mundane to do the same thing over and over for different platforms. These tools offer great flexibility at ease for most platforms. But, their subscriptions are unaffordable for small business’ or people who are starting.

In this article, we’ll take a close look at tools which can help you automate content posting. You only have to ensure posting on your website and the tools ensure auto update on other platforms. These tools cover all major social space and are free to use. Combined use of these is a perfect Social Media Automation For WordPress.

IFTTT – If This Then That

It is the easiest api integration service that all supports major platforms for free. The configuration is easy and straightforward. Each integration is an Applet. You can either choose an existing applet or create your own. While public applets can come in handy, it is always better to create your own. The same ensures higher flexibility and customisation as per your needs.
The only useful integrations that I was able to configure over IFTTT from my wordpress site are-

  1. WordPress Site to Facebook Page
  2. WordPress Site to Twitter Account
  3. WordPress Site to Telegram Channel

The configuration process is easy. It involves credentials of your wordpress site and permissions from the other platforms. For telegram channel you need to add the IFTTT bot to the channel as an administrator. And then you need to authorise IFTTT bot to post content on the channel.
Other possible options to explore if you have a lot of graphic or media content on your site are-

1. WordPress Site to Instagram
2. WordPress Site to Youtube

And like the others explained above. The process would be a lot similar.

WP LinkedIn Autopost

This is an amazing free plugin. It enables you to automate your website content to your LinkedIn Company Page. The configuration is average and easy. It helps you customise and place content fields in desired order and add common text to each post.

WP GMB Autopost

Another free plugin from same developer which provides auto publishing capability for GMB. Google My Business Listings have an option for the business owner to post updates. This is very important space for posting your content which you should not overlook.
This plugin is an absolute steal. Because, GMB posting mechanism is boring and time-taking. Especially if you have multiple locations, you will have a hard time posting for each one of them.
The plugin lets you select all the locations and profile that you want to post from. The GMP post has three fields for Title, Image and a Learn More button link. The plugin updates the title, set post link and saves site’s featured image as post image.


Though these solutions have certain drawbacks and harder configuration than all-in-one tools. But these tools are free and get the job done with full efficiency. And for some people that is exactly what they need. You would not mind Free Social Media Automation For WordPress Website when paid ones cost you around 20$ a month.

Managing paid elaborate tools in perspective of user friendliness and cost can be difficult. That is why free alternatives like IFTTT in combination with WP LinkedIn Auto-publish and WP GMB Auto-publish is my recommended solution that is very straightforward and absolutely free.

If you need help setting up these automations on your website. Feel free to get in touch by clicking this link – If you wish to receive updates of more such guides to enhance your WordPress website, sign up for weekly updates here –

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